Monday Original Content: An Interview with Nick Mamatas

This week on the WSNB, Charles Tan interviews Nick Mamatas, editor of the new Haikasoru line of Japanese SF in English translation. Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, looking back at 2009, do you think the goals of the Haikasoru line were achieved? Absolutely — we hit the ground running with a... Continue Reading →

Nick Mamatas on translating Japanese SF

Seems to be translation discussion week! We'll be posting links, starting with Nick Mamatas over at the Haikasoru blog in Set the Dial for... 1972! I was impressed at how even today little has changed. Over the course of my life, translated science fiction remained a challenge nearly insurmountable despite the quality of the original... Continue Reading →

Nick Mamatas interviewed on editing Haikasoru

 Over at Amazon blog Omnivoracious, Nick Mamatas, editor of the new Haikasoru line of translated Japanese SF novels, talks to Jeff Between now and the end of the year, are there any other releases you're particularly excited about?Mamatas: Well, Usurper of the Sun--our first hard SF title. It's a planetary adventure about aliens who build a ring... Continue Reading →

Nick Mamatas on Japanese SF

One of the exciting new development recently has been the introduction of Haikasoru, Viz Publications' new imprint of translated Japanese SF. And what better introduction than having editor Nick Mamatas talk about the difference between Japanese and American science fiction.Since coming to California to edit the Haikasoru line, I’ve been asked one question more often... Continue Reading →

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