Interview with Sebastian A. Corn

Sebastian A. Corn is the literary pseudonym of Florin Chirculescu, who was born in 1960 in Bucureşti, Romania. He studied medicine and in the everyday life is a thoracic surgeon. He made his debut with the short story “Snorky” in 1994 in Jurnalul SF (The SF Journal) and since then he published stories in different... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Adrenergic! by Sebastian A. Corn

Adrenergic! by Sebastian A. Corn Format: Paperback, 112 pages Publisher: Millennium Press Review by Mihai Adascalitei Sebastian A. Corn is one of the most important Romanian science fiction authors, with 7 novels awarded by the Romanian speculative fiction community and with important appearances on the speculative fiction magazines. “Adrenergic!” is a novella first published in... Continue Reading →

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