The Fantasyland Guide to Exotics!

Shweta Narayan has a couple of excellent posts on "the racist/Orientalist/fetishizing contextual stew that Secondary-world Fantasy inherited" - or Tough Guide to Fantasyland-style entries on Exotic Locales and Helpful Natives! The Evil Empire (EE) lies to the South and/or East of Fantasyland proper, generally on the Other Continent; its inhabitants areNatives. Tourists will see amazing amounts of Squalor right... Continue Reading →


De Bodard, Narayan, Okorafor up for Nebula Award

The Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) have just announced the nominated works for their annual Nebula Awards. French author, and Apex Book of World SF contributor Aliette de Bodard is nominated for Best Novelette, with "The Jaguar House, in Shadow", from Asimov's, while the forthcoming Apex Book of World SF 2 Indian contributor Shweta... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Eyes of Carven Emerald” by Shweta Narayan

SF Signal have posted Indian writer Shweta Narayan's story, Eyes of Carven Emerald, from the anthology Clockwork Phoenix 3: Sunrise glinted bloody on giant tumbles of statue; it edged the palace beyond with blood. A limestone arm, severed elbow to thumb, came almost up to Alexandros' waist. Fingers thick as logs lay scattered behind it.... Continue Reading →

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