Ekaterina Sedia interviewed at Airship Ambassador

Ekaterina Sedia is interviewed at Airship Ambassador, talking about steampunk, fashion and latest novel Heart of Iron. Part one of the interview is here, and part two here. AA: The Alchemy of Stone was about feminism, free will, class struggle, and religion, and The House of Discarded Dreams is a place where forgotten dreams fester and take on a life of... Continue Reading →

European Steampunk Convention Fundraiser

The European Steampunk Convention is a new initiative to create a European-based steampunk convention. It is currently running a fund-raiser, and is looking to raise $6000. The Vision The steampunk scene is active in Europe, more precisely, there are local, regional and in some cases country-wide scene active, but what we lack is something connecting... Continue Reading →

New Singapore Steampunk Anthology!

We've been covering various steampunk anthologies from around the world, and the most recent one comes from Singapore: The Steampowered Globe: Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy contains 7 original stories by Singaporean writers. it is edited by Maisarah Abu Samah and Rosemary Lin.  io9 reviews: The Happy Smiley Writers Group is a group of seven writers... Continue Reading →

Editorial: ESC – The European Steampunk Convention, by Marcus Rauchfuss

Today on the WSB, Marcus Rauchfuss of Germany writes for us about his plans for a European Steampunk Convention. ESC - The European Steampunk Convention By Marcus Rauchfuss Some weeks ago, I was twittering with Lavie and he suggested that what Europe needed was a big steampunk convention. Thus, the idea for ESC – The European... Continue Reading →

Philippine Steampunk Comic High Society Released!

Via Rocket Kapre: The mysterious steampunk comic book collaboration between myself [Paolo Chikiamco] and the wonderful Hannah Buena has now been released! Flipside Komix has published “High Society” (formerly “Kataastaasan“)  onAmazon as a Kindle comic. It’s an alternative history story that mixes automata, Philippine folklore, and the British invasion of Manila in the 1760s. It’s also the... Continue Reading →

The Immersion Book of Steampunk

Here's the table of contents for new anthology The Immersion Book of Steampunk, edited by Gareth D. Jones and Carmelo Rafala and published by Immersion Press. International contributors include Aliette de Bodard, Jacques Barcia, Anatoly Belilovsky and Lavie Tidhar. Table of contents: “Follow That Cathedral!” by Gareth Owens “The Machines of the Nehphilim” by James Targett “The... Continue Reading →

Italian Steampunk!

The Traveler's Steampunk Blog has posted an interview with Luca Cerlini, director of the Italian steampunk movie The Technician. How did you come up with the idea for The Technician, is there a particular work or works that inspired you? The idea for The Technician wasn’t mine, at least not the core idea, which came... Continue Reading →

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