Romanian anthology Steampunk: The Second Revolution reviewed

Radu Romaniuc has written an extensive review of the Romanian steampunk anthology Steampunk: The Second Revolution, edited by Adrian Craciun. So why is this book interesting? Well, it tries to align the Romanian fandom (which this book represents) with the bigger, and richer, Anglo-American fandom. We write Steampunk too, if that's where the genre's at. So say the... Continue Reading →

Chinese Steampunk?

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame [Tribeca film Festival] [Wikipedia] has been described as "an exquisitely realized steampunk version of ancient China": On the eve of her coronation as China's first female ruler, Wu Zetian's colossal Buddha statue is nearing completion when a series of mysterious events threaten to derail the empress'... Continue Reading →

Romanian Steampunk!

Steampunk seems to be everywhere these days, from novels to short story anthologies in English. And a while back we reported on the first Brazilian anthology of steampunk. Now comes news of the first ever Romanian steampunk anthology! Edited by Adrian Crăciun, the anthology will be published by Millennium Books in Romania and include stories from: Aron... Continue Reading →

Islamic Steampunk?

Yakoub Islam writes about his hopeful novel-to-be, a steampunk adventure based on Islam. Here is a blurb: December, 1148. Europe’s second crusade has failed to take Damascus, and worse, a new Saracen threat is ascending – steam power. At least, that’s the terrifying message Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux brings to Pope Eugenius, in order to... Continue Reading →

French Steampunk: The League of Heroes

Steampunk Scholar has a review of the French comic The League of Heroes by Xavier Mauméjean and translated by Manuella Chevalier: Steampunk often engages in the first aspect of recursive fantasy, utilizing existing fictional characters from nineteenth century adventure tales: Jeter's Morlock Night; Kim Newman's Anno Dracula; Mark Frost's The List of Seven, and The... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Steampunk Redux: A Chat with Bruno Accioly

Jha pointed out this interview with Brazilian Steampunk (Steampunk activist?) Bruno Accioly. Moreover, one of the issues that have been discussed in the steampunk communities I participate in is how steampunk should address the darker aspects of the Victorian era. Topics like slavery, colonialism, sexism, class divides, and the history of race have been brought... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Steampunk!

Yes, you heard it here first (or possibly not): the first anthology of Brazilian steampunk has been released! Steampunk: Histórias de Um Passado Extraordinário, edited by Gianpaolo Celli, contains 9 stories from Brazilian writers, including those two busy fellows Fábio Fernandes and Jacques Barcia.

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