Strange Horizons interview Swedish writer Karin Tidbeck

Over at Strange Horizons, Dustin Monk interviews Swedish writer Karin Tidbeck: Swedish writer Karin Tidbeck attended Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop in 2010, and there was much discussion of writing gnomes. A short story collection, Vem är Arvid Pekon? was published in Sweden in September 2010, and another is set to be released later this... Continue Reading →

Eskapix, Volume 5, January 2011

Review by Patrik Centerwall Eskapix is a hardcover horror/pulp magazine published at least twice a year. The contents are mixed: short stories, feature articles, sometimes comics. The feature articles are usually about horror, rock music, and spectacular crimes. Several of the short story authors are regulars and with a couple exceptions they have to my... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Copyfighter” by A.R. Yngve

Today's story, by Swedish author A.R. Yngve. Copyfighter by A.R.Yngve When Corky Bequerel received the news that he had terminal cancer, he grew afraid. Despite his official stance that death would be overcome through technology, and that soon people's minds could be converted into pure data anyway, he feared his physical death. The doctors gave... Continue Reading →

Short genre fiction in Swedish—an overview of the ’00s

The Swedish-language market for short SF and fantasy fiction is by no means nonexistent. It is just very small, often without an opportunity to pay authors, and dependent on magazines that would have either folded long ago or never been launched, had they been published as moneymaking ventures instead of because their publishers thought that... Continue Reading →

Swedish Golden Age SF Magazines

Häpna! ("Be Amazed!") was the seminal Swedish sf fiction mag, published from 1954 to 1966, with many translations of the US Golden Age greats but also much work by Swedish writers. A short post by Dr. Martin Rundkvist, with some further comments, linking to a full catalogue of the magazine, with many covers.

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