First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 18.01.2009. Translation by René Walling, editing by Val Grimm. Esli Magazine (, "If") is probably the oldest Russian sf magazine. Founded in 1991, but really distributed since 1993, it has a print run of 14,000 pocket sized issues a year. If you had to compare it to French magazines, Esli... Continue Reading →

Clarkesworld, January through June by Scooter Carlyle

I'll be covering highlights of the January through April issues, and a more in-depth review of the May and June issues. January-April Favorites In "Ghostweight," by Yoon Ha Lee in the January issue, Lisse and the ghost that is stitched to her resurrect a mercenary war kite to wreak vengeance upon the Imperium for the slaughter... Continue Reading →

Evgenía Fakínou: The Unknown Archmage of Magic Realism by Athena Andreadis

A year ago, I wrote an essay [1] about the fact that writers feel free to use Hellenic contexts (myths, history, location), blithely assuming they know my culture well enough to do so convincingly. I mentioned that contemporary Hellenic literature is virtually unknown in the Anglophone world beyond Elytis, Seféris, Kaváfis and Kazantzákis – all... Continue Reading →

A Ukranian magazine: UFO

First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 31.10.2009. Translation by René Walling, editing by Val Grimm. Recently we told you about the appearance of an Ukrainian science fiction that tended to have its own characteristics and was beginning to aquire its own identity in relationship to its Russian sister, a difficult thing when a lot of Ukrainian... Continue Reading →

Mir Fantastiki

First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 07.12.2008. Translation by René Walling, editing by Val Grimm. To make a complete survey of Russian genre literature, we must of course discuss magazines. This is why we will begin with Mir Fantastiki, the Russian equivalent of SF Mag or Khimaira. This magazine is the most important (in terms of... Continue Reading →

Apex Magazine #24, May 2011 by David Hebblethwaite

In a strong issue, the protagonists of these three stories find a reality that doesn’t match their expectations or hopes. Jeremy R. Butler tells of a worker in the asteroid belt who dreamed of adventure in space, but instead finds he has to cope with boredom. The boyfriend of the narrator in Annalee Newitz’s story disappears, quite literally;... Continue Reading →

Apex Magazine Issue #23, April 2011 by David Hebblethwaite

This issue contains two original stories and two reprints. Michael J. Deluca tells a tale from the early days of language, and considers the relative merits of life with or without words. Eugie Foster writes of a girl dealing with difficult circumstances, who may have to put herself first whatever the cost to herself or others. Mike Allen's... Continue Reading →

“Rogue of the Multiverse” by C.E.J. Pacian by Michael Hilborn

C.E.J. Pacian's "Rogue of the Multiverse", a delightful blend of comedy and science-fiction, demonstrates how good writing, endearing characters, and the incorporation of various game genres can help a title overcome what the IF community might normally consider flaws in implementation. Despite fairly linear gameplay and some outright bugs, "Rogue of the Multiverse" took third... Continue Reading →

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