A Ukranian magazine: UFO

First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 31.10.2009. Translation by RenĂ© Walling, editing by Val Grimm. Recently we told you about the appearance of an Ukrainian science fiction that tended to have its own characteristics and was beginning to aquire its own identity in relationship to its Russian sister, a difficult thing when a lot of Ukrainian... Continue Reading →


Ukrainian Science Fiction

Apex Book of World SF contributor Jetse de Vries is currently editing Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF and, as part of this, has been running a related blog which includes several links of interest to world sf.First up: Sergey Gerasimov on Ukrianian Science Fiction.

Mew Sergey Gerasimov story online

Ukrainian writer Sergey Gerasimov has a new story, "The Most Dangerous Profession", up at Fantasy Magazine. There is also an interview with him."Sergey Gerasimov lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine with his wife and daughter. He has a degree in theoretical physics from Kharkiv University and has sold twelve novels and nearly a hundred stories in Russia and Ukraine.You... Continue Reading →

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