World SF Round Table 1: On Environment and Background

Launching the World SF News Blog reboot, the first in our series of original posts. This week, the first of a two-part round table where writers answer a single question (yes, we did borrow the idea from SF Signal!) Our guests this week are Kaaron Warren, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Vandana Singh and Aliette de Bodard. Q:... Continue Reading →

Vandana Singh closing report on the Indian SF/F workshop

Indian writer Vandana Singh has just posted the second and closing installment of her report on the Indian SF/F workshop that took place at IIT Kapur.Along the way I talked about how important it was to keep in touch with SF in non-English Indian languages and their long history.  We had already discussed some examples during... Continue Reading →

Vandana Singh reporting from the Indian SF/F Writing Workshop

As we may have mentioned earlier, there is currently a workshop on writing science fiction and fantasy being hosted at IIT-Kanpur in India, run by [Apex Book of World SF contributor] Anil Menon, Vandana Singh and Suchitra Mathur. Vandana Singh is currently blogging from the workshop, beginning with her arrivial and the first couple of days:Needless to say,... Continue Reading →

Vandana Singh on the Upcoming Indian SF Writing Workshop

 Vandana Singh blogs about the forthcoming SF writing workshop in India:Quite a while ago the intrepid [and Apex Book of World SF contributor! - Ed.) Anil Menon, along with academic and critic Suchitra Mathur at IIT-Kanpur and yours truly came up with the idea of holding an SF workshop in India.  With the enthusiastic encouragement of our friend... Continue Reading →

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