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Contest Announcement: Find art for our Apex Book of World SF

Copied from the Apex blog – I promise next post will be non-anthology related! But, if you know any artists or striking pieces of art that may be available…


As announced before, Apex will be publishing a Book of World SF (edited by Lavie Tidhar). A table of contents can be found here. We’re hoping to showcase some of the talented SF writers outside of the US/UK/Canada/Australia. Lavie has found us the writers. We want YOU to help us find the artist.

Our book needs cover art. Something special…eye-catching…something that says “Worldwide.”

The person who refers us to the winning artwork will win a book of his/her choice from the Apex catalog. Artists can refer themselves and if their work is chosen, then the artist will win the book.

Artist Terms:

The work can be original or a reprint. Payment will be $50 upon publication of the Apex Book of World SF (and five comp copies of the book). We ask for cover reprint rights (trade paperback) and the right to use the artwork in promotional materials. Artist retains all other rights.

How to Play:

If you would like to recommend a piece of art, email Jason Sizemore at In the subject line place “World SF Art Recommendation.”

The artist must be a non-US/Canadian/British/Australian citizen. Remember, we’re talking world SF.

The contest ends March 6th, 11:59pm, EST.

Winner will also be listed in the acknowledgments.

If no referred artwork is chosen as the cover, one random referrer will be selected as the winner and will choose a book from our catalog of titles.

Winning cover art will be selected by Jason Sizemore, Deb Taber, and Lavie Tidhar.

So let’s have fun with this one! Let the game begin!

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Welcome to the World SF blog!

Hi and welcome to the World SF blog – an experiment where, in the lead up to publication of The Apex Book of World SF (volume 1) from Apex Books, I will be trying to post news and links relating to all aspects of international speculative fiction.

Here I’ll also be talking about the anthology (but maybe closer to the time) and about the contributors. I hope the blog gets some interest – please do friend us! – and if nothing else serves as a useful repository of relevant information.

I’ll start with a link to something I only came across today – the very interesting A Summary of France’s Comics Market and the Future of China’s Comics Market from

Coming up in future posts: Chinese science fiction, Israeli conventions, Lebanese comics, Polish fantasy, Malaysian horror and much more. Stay with us – and I’d welcome guest bloggers, so if you have something you want to say, just drop me a line! And of course, comments are welcome…

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