Chimeras interviews Aliette de Bodard

Chimeras interviews Aliette de Bodard. Here's an excerpt: EEG: In general, do you think that the two worlds -- writing and engineering -- are two completely different compartments in your life or do you feel you couldn't do one without the other? ADB: I definitely couldn't do one without the other: for one, I have... Continue Reading →

World SF Travel Fund Extra Rewards – Last Two Days!

The authors of the Book View Cafe have generously joined us to offer a last-two-days-of-the-fund-raise bonus – donate anything from $10 and choose a free title from the list below! Visit our Peerbackers Project to donate!   While we have reached our goal of $6000, we are still short of the total due to paypal and peerbackers costs, and... Continue Reading →


First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 18.01.2009. Translation by René Walling, editing by Val Grimm. Esli Magazine (, "If") is probably the oldest Russian sf magazine. Founded in 1991, but really distributed since 1993, it has a print run of 14,000 pocket sized issues a year. If you had to compare it to French magazines, Esli... Continue Reading →

Women writers, international writers, marginalized writers

German writer Cora Buhlert has a post on Women writers, international writers, marginalized writers well-worth reading: There are the subtle and not so subtle assumptions that your grasp of the English language will be flawed, because you are not a native speaker (Read what Juliette Wade has to say about that here). This must be even more... Continue Reading →

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