We'll be back after the weekend, in which time it will be 2012. And in February, we celebrate 3 years of the World SF Blog!

Tuesday Fiction: “A Hundred Thousand Armstrongs” by Zoltán László

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Zoltán László from Hungary.  Zoltán László’s first short story was published in 1999. Since then two dozen further short stories have been published in Hungarian SF&F magazines, periodicals and anthologies (for example Galaktika, Átjáró, Roham, Csillagszálló). He has also written four novels in various sub-genres like a mix of cyberpunk and... Continue Reading →

Words Without Borders December 2011: The Fantastic

This month's Words Without Borders features stories with a fantastic theme. Here's an excerpt from the introduction: In this month's main feature we travel into the realm of the fantastic, where routine situations turn surreal and the otherworldly becomes the norm. The journey begins on a bus with its own itinerary in Natsuki Ikezawa's "Navidad... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “The Gallows-Horse” by Reza Negarestani

The excellent Weird Fiction Review has posted The Gallows-Horse, a short story by Iranian author Reza Negarestani, from the anthology The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities: Museum: Museum of Intangible Arts and Objects, Saragossa, Spain Exhibitions: The Secret History of Objects; The Center for Catoptrics and Optical Illusions; Hall of the Man-Object Creators and Causes: Objects themselves; Deviant phenomenal... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Enter The Dragon. Later, Enter Another” by Lavie Tidhar

Just wanted to draw your attention to a short story I published on my blog yesterday: Enter The Dragon. Later, Enter Another - which deals with a future increasingly dominated by the effects of multiple WikiLeaks... 1. Julian Assange’s Impenetrable Fortress of Ice lies on top of Mount Terror, on Ross Island in Antarctica. It... Continue Reading →

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