Tuesday Fiction: “Deadly Quiet on the Western Front” by Fábio Fernandes

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Fábio Fernandes, an SFF writer living in São Paulo, Brazil. Fábio has several stories published in online venues in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, and Brazil. He also contributed to Ann and Jeff VanderMeer's "Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded", and has a story coming up soon in Lavie... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Fabio Fernandes interview!

Charles Tan interviews Fabio Fernandes about his writing, SF in Brazil, and his new crowd-sourced project on colonialism-themed SF. Hi Fabio! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, how did you get into speculative fiction? I started writing speculative fiction in my early twenties. I had already written for the stage (and won an award)... Continue Reading →

Introducing Hyperpulp

Hyperpulp is a new electronic magazine from Brazil, edited by Alexandre Mandarino. It is a bilingual magazine, publishing the stories in both Portuguese and English. This seems to be becoming more common - see, for instance, the recent French-English web magazine Onirismes - it will be interesting to see if this heralds some new movement in world... Continue Reading →

The Immersion Book of Steampunk

Here's the table of contents for new anthology The Immersion Book of Steampunk, edited by Gareth D. Jones and Carmelo Rafala and published by Immersion Press. International contributors include Aliette de Bodard, Jacques Barcia, Anatoly Belilovsky and Lavie Tidhar. Table of contents: “Follow That Cathedral!” by Gareth Owens “The Machines of the Nehphilim” by James Targett “The... Continue Reading →

Hydra Competition for Brazilian Fantastic Literature

Via Side-Show Freaks: Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show (IGMS) and The Elephant and Macaw Banner have partnered up to create a contest that will bring the best of Brazilian speculative fiction to the English-speaking world via the Hydra Competition (Concurso Hydra in Brazil’s native [sic] language of Portuguese). A panel of judges will select three finalists from short... Continue Reading →

Imaginários 3

After a few years of apparent stagnation, the speculative fiction market has been gaining strength in Brazil, with top publishers bringing foreign authors, and independent publishers opening the door for local ones. There are exceptions, but that’s how most publishers operate. Imaginários 3, from Draco Pub. Co, is a fantasy, science fiction and horror collection... Continue Reading →

Brazil and its Literary Tradition (science fiction notwithstanding)

The problem, I think, is the niche. I’m talking, of course, of the problem of the ghettofication of SF, wherever you may find yourself. My case being, now, Brazil. Earlier this morning (I’m writing this at 12:36 on November 19th), I was at Livraria Cultura, one of São Paulo’s biggest bookstores, buying a couple of... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Ganesh, in the Afternoon” by Fábio Fernandes

This week's short story, by Brazilian author Fábio Fernandes.   Ganesh, in the Afternoon by Fábio Fernandes   “For starters, the first sentence in a short story must always be a startling one,” said Villupuram the Elephant God, waving the printed pages in one of his four hands. “Right, but what about the story? Did you like... Continue Reading →

International Review, The Portal, Launches!

The Portal is a free, volunteer-run, online review of short-form science fiction, fantasy, and horror from around the world. We review work in English and also provide English-language coverage of short fiction markets, anthologies, and genre literary activities in many language communities. Launched at the World Fantasy Convention this weekend, The Portal's first issue offers reviews... Continue Reading →

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