Lavie Tidhar’s MARTIAN SANDS Now Available

At the risk of sounding a little self serving, just a note to say that my latest novel, Martian Sands, is now available from PS Publishing in the UK as an £11.99 hardcover. A signed limited edition of 100 copies is also available. 1941: an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbour, a man from... Continue Reading →

Lavie Tidhar talks World SF 2

Grasping for the wind has just posted a new interview with me about international speculative fiction and editing The Apex Book of World SF 2, with some comments from anthology contributors Rochita Loenen-Ruiz and Silvia Moreno Garcia. The Apex Book of World SF is now out in paperback and on the Kindle! SFFWRTCHT: How long does... Continue Reading →

Lavie Tidhar on Masada Shall Not Fall Again: Faux-Realism, Parallel Histories, and the Fiction of Israel

World SF Editor-in-Chief Lavie Tidhar has a lengthy post on his blog entitled Masada Shall Not Fall Again: Faux-Realism, Parallel Histories, and the Fiction of Israel. Here's an excerpt: The State of Israel originates out of twin science fictional impulses: the utopian vision of Zionism on the one hand, as embodied in Theodor Hertzl’s the... Continue Reading →

Pre-Order The Apex Book of World SF 2, Get Bonus Content, Early Delivery!

In order to promote the forthcoming release of The Apex Book of World SF 2, we've decided to offer a very special edition to anyone pre-ordering the paperback edition. While the trade edition is scheduled for August, anyone ordering a copy by April 30th will receive their copy in May (three months early!) and with unique bonus... Continue Reading →

Lavie Tidhar Interviewed; The Great Game Released

I'm interviewed over at the Nervous Breakdown (apt!) as The Great Game, the third in the Bookman Histories novels, is released. We'll come back next week with a new short story (remember, you can submit!) and, if we can finally get around to doing it, the launch of the World SF Bookshop (beta version). The World SF Blog showcases science fiction... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Enter The Dragon. Later, Enter Another” by Lavie Tidhar

Just wanted to draw your attention to a short story I published on my blog yesterday: Enter The Dragon. Later, Enter Another - which deals with a future increasingly dominated by the effects of multiple WikiLeaks... 1. Julian Assange’s Impenetrable Fortress of Ice lies on top of Mount Terror, on Ross Island in Antarctica. It... Continue Reading →

Lavie Tidhar’s OSAMA Released for the Kindle

Lavie Tidhar’s Osama Released for the Kindle Lavie Tidhar’s new novel, Osama, is now available for the Kindle on both Amazon and Amazon UK. Osama, published by PS Publishing in the UK, has been called “intensely moving” by Interzone, and a “powerful and disturbing political fantasy by a talent who deserves the attention of all serious... Continue Reading →

Lavie Tidhar interviewed at the Portal

The Portal interviews Lavie Tidhar, about the World SF Blog, nomination for the World Fantasy Award, the World SF Travel Fund, writing and new novel Osama: Q: What does the blog’s tagline “ideologically suspect” encompass? A: Well, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, obviously. Occasionally I’d play with different sub-headings. But I think it has a serious... Continue Reading →

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