Anil Menon Sums up the Indian Speculative Writing Workshop

Anil Menon posts his impressions from the recently-concluded Indian writing workshop held at the Kanpur Institute of Technology (IIT-K), which he ran. Part One is here, and Part Two here.We went around the room and introduced ourselves, in anti-clockwise order (the Lesson Plan was very definite on that). In order: Anil, Shish, Kaushik, Pervin, Manish,... Continue Reading →

Apex Book of World SF Launch in November

 The Apex Book of World SF (still available for pre-orders directly from our publisher) will be published in November as part of a move that sees Apex Books expanding their reach. From Jason Sizemore:I’m pleased to announce that Apex has contracted Pathway Book Service to provide us with distribution and fulfillment services.What does this mean... Continue Reading →

Croatian science fiction online is a new website dedicated to Croatian science fiction, featuring several free short stories (including not less than three by Apex Book of World SF contributor Aleksandar Ċ½iljak) and several articles, including Science Fiction in Croatia (again, by Aleksandar). An excellent resource, and well worth cheking out.

…and we’re back!

...With news of a brand new review of The Apex Book of World SF in Library Journal, saying:From S.P. Somtow's World Fantasy Award-winning "The Bird Catcher," a restrained horror tale of a young boy's friendship with Thailand's most infamous human "monster," to "Wizard World," Galaxy Award winner Yang Ping's story of high-tech gamers, this extraordinary... Continue Reading →

Nnedi Okorafor on “Is Africa Ready for Science Fiction?”

Over at the Nebula Awards blog, Nnedi Okorafor talks about Is Africa Ready for Science Fiction?In my observation, in Africa, science fiction is still perceived as not being real literature. It is not serious writing. As Chikere said, African audiences don’t feel that science fiction is really concerned with what’s real, what’s present. It’s not... Continue Reading →

Interview with Gabriela Lee

 Singapore-based, Philippine writer Gabriela Lee is interviewed by John Joseph Adams, around the story "Hunger" forthcoming in Adams' anthology By Blood We Live.mananaggal in Philippine mythology is a wonderful blend of old-school Western vampiric myths and native superstition. In myths, she’s a beautiful woman who can separate the upper half of her body from her... Continue Reading →

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