Two links for Russian SF

A good introductory resource to Russian SF writers online is the Russian Science Fiction & Fantasy page, offering English pages on such writers as the Strugatsky Brothers, Sergey Lukyanenko and others. It's a little out-of-date, but still full of good information.Another excellent page, Russian Science Fiction is an English-language page put up by the Solaris... Continue Reading →

Romanian Science Fiction to 1990

Over at Concatenation, A Brief History of Science Fiction in Romania up to 1990:Things changed radically after 1950, when under Soviet control, Romania underwent a forced transformation process of its social, economic and cultural structure. The Romanian writers were required to reflect in their work the social and scientific accomplishments of the communist area within... Continue Reading →

Nick Mamatas interviewed on editing Haikasoru

 Over at Amazon blog Omnivoracious, Nick Mamatas, editor of the new Haikasoru line of translated Japanese SF novels, talks to Jeff Between now and the end of the year, are there any other releases you're particularly excited about?Mamatas: Well, Usurper of the Sun--our first hard SF title. It's a planetary adventure about aliens who build a ring... Continue Reading →

Italian writer Anna Feruglio Dal Dan on Strange Horizons

On Strange Horizons this week, a story by Italian writer and translator Anna Feruglio Dal Dan: And This Also Has Been One of the Dark Places of the Earth.Kilburn High Road at five—the evening rush hour—is like a tinkling river of fireflies, each bicycle with its own wavering, quivering little light, all rattling and clicking as they... Continue Reading →

Arabic SF Prize, Association Plans Announced

 ALECSO (The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization) has announced several exciting plans for developing science fiction in the Arab world, having held a meeting on the topic at its Tunisian offices earlier this year.The full press release is below:Closing The Meeting of Science Fiction Literature Experts in the Arab World in Tunis  (Tunis:... Continue Reading →

2nd Arab SF Convention

The Syrian Arab News Agency reported on the 2nd Arab SF Convention held in August this year in Damascus:The [Minister of Culture Dr. Riad Naasan Agha] concluded by calling for bolstering science fiction literature in Arab culture due to its ability to open up new horizons.Dr. Taleb Omran affirmed the importance of science fiction literature, stressing that... Continue Reading →

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