InterNova: International Science Fiction e-zine

InterNova, edited by Michael Iwoleit, recently re-launched itself as an e-zine. Here’s its latest table of contents:

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil): Peak Time

Eduardo J. Carletti (Argentina): God’s Gut

Arthur Goldstuck (South Africa): The Fabulous Yesterdays

Aleksandar Ziljak (Croatia): What Colour Is the Wind?

Eric Brown (England): Thursday’s Child

Sven Klöpping (Germany): Let’s Talk About Death, Baby

In the classic section:

Lino Aldani (Italy): Red Rhombuses

Renato Pestriniero (Italy): The People in the Painting

In the nonfiction section:

Richard Kunzmann (South Africa): The Eclipse of a Genre and the Birth of a Nova

Lavie Tidhar (Israel): Science Fiction, Globalization, and the People’s Republic of China


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  1. In the meantime there have been several new uploads at Internova, including several translated German SF stories by Frank Hebben, Frank Haubold and Michael Iwoleit, as well as international SF from Finland, Belgium, Australia and Italy, plus new nonfiction.

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